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pic of Spirit Guard Valor by The Pipmeister

Name: Angela Warrant
Alius: Spirit guard valor
Aura Description: Another flower. Sort of like Vivian’s but none of that stickiness and the fruitiness of it is very mild. Very sweet though. sort of like balsamic vinegar. without the vinegar So just balsamic maybe a lily of some kind
Powers/Abilities: Foundation of Valor, Spirit Guard Power Up!
Skills leadership
Likes: Lyric Victory boy band ‘Satisfaction Guaranteed’ album

being a part of things

Dislikes: corrupt behaviour
Job/Studying: Criminal Law

Physical appearance Edit

Angela Warrant Spirit guard valor
Hair Golden wavy hair just past shoulders Shiny bordering on a glow in pigtails
Build former cheerleader

Bio Edit

from a non affluent background raised by a single mother. initially got in to SAU on the presidential scholarship

Friends Edit

Mallory Drake

spirit guard

Enemies/Rivals Edit



Personality Edit

worries about her team and blames herself when things go wrong. Angela is deeply worried by corruption and fears the way vivian use's her powers to make her life easier