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A wiki about Magical Girl Policy, an ongoing magical girl serial web fiction by Taralynn. MGP currently (24th june 2016) spans 36.5 chapters as well as 15 side stories all of which can be found at

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main site -

tvtropes page -

fanart page -

Character BiosEdit

Spirit Guard Hush Corps Opposition Other
Robert Dreese/Robynne Darling Yukimura Noriko Platicore Kunapipi
Angela Warrant Nick Siekert Trace Fretribution
Mallory Drake Will Siekert Cammy DeCroix Stacy Ambrose
Kara Balmer Other Power Cory Frost
Vivian Joyce Elijah Drake

Info Pages Edit



Ardent Empire - coming soon

Standridge Hill Stone Circle

Spirit Guard


SAU Student Association - coming soon

Kessia city - coming soon

Swearing Censorship

Latest activityEdit

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