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Picture of Spirit Guard Tenacity by The Pipmeister

Name: Mallory Drake
Alias: Spirit Guard Tenacity
Aura Description: Smells like a coniferous forest high in the mountains before a storm is about to hit
Powers/Abilities: Charge of Tenacity, Spirit Guard Power Up!

Intrepid Blade

Determined Arc

Skills: Can make Cory shut up (Elijah considers this a super power)

Martial arts


Job/Studying: Studying at SAU. Subject unknown but has/had a math class.

Physical appearance Edit

Mallory Spirit Guard Tenacity
Hair Brown hair, ponytail Hair falls into a more formal straight style swept to the one side
Eyes Unknown Unknown
Height 5.11ft 5.11ft
Build Amazonian: Impressively tall and athletic with a well-sculpted body and beautiful legs. Amazonian: Impressively tall and athletic with a well-sculpted body and beautiful legs.

Bio Edit

Raised with her brother, Elijah, Mallory sometimes chafes at the difference in how she and her brother are treated by their father, who is overprotective of Mallory and much more lax toward him. Mallory was the first of the team to join up with Spirit Guard Valor, becoming Spirit Guard Tenacity.

spoiler warning

Mallory is is the only member of the spirit gard to have told he parents about being a super powered cheerleader going out of her way to also get her and Elijah parents to go easier on him.

Friends Edit

Angela Warrant - Best friend and roommate

Elijah Drake - Mallory's younger brother

Cory Frost - Elijah's oldest friend who has known Mallory for years

Vivian joyce - Vivian spends a lot of time teasing Mallory, yet Mallory seems to have just as much fun with it as Vivian

Enemies/Rivals Edit


Personality Edit

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