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Cover page featuring Robynne before and after her first transformation. Artwork by Ian Sampson.

Name: Robert Dreese/Robynne Darling
Aliases and Nicknames: Spirit guard Serenity

Bluster (Discontinued Gamer Handle)

Waveform (Current Gamer Handle)

Ace (Mal's nickname for him/her)

Rosy (Vivian’s nickname, referring to hair color.)

Aura Description: The scent of a bouquet of fresh-cut, red roses; A pure, simple, green, floral, and delicious scent.
Powers/Abilities: Aura sense (Strongest of all of the Spirit Guard)

Ability to transform into Spirit Guard Serenity

Natural resistance to investiture removal

Summon twin daggers

Placid mist

Geyser of Tranquility

Skills: Aspect realms pvp


Football (american)

Likes: Aspect Realms

Pep MD


Collider comics

Blue Bacon Burgers

Dislikes: Being the center of attention



Being guilted into a task


Job/Studying: Robert/Robynne is a student studying mechanical engineering

Physical appearance Edit

Robert Dreese Robynne Darling Spirit Guard Serenity
Hair: Short chestnut brown Long, red and straight Long, red, and wavy. It always covers one of her eyes. It appears to flow and ripple like a stream or waterfall.
Eyes: Brown Green Green
Height: 6ft? [no hard number given] 5ft? [no hard number given] 5ft? [no hard number given]
Build: Tall and physically fit Short, slender with a better than average figure Short, slender with a better than average figure

Biography (Warning, Spoilers Ahead): Edit

Robert Dreese was raised by his uncle, Taylor, in the small town of Deepwater following the death of his parents. He was named after his paternal grandmother, Robynne, who passed away when he was 7 or 8.

In high school, Robert joined the football team, wanting to follow in his father's footsteps and be a running back. He did well playing during his freshman year, and looked to be the number one choice to take over as running back the following year once the current one graduated. However, over the summer Dustin Durfee, the player who had always been just behind Robert in the Depth Chart had a massive growth spurt and was given the position. Dustin became the big man on campus and began dating the most popular girl in school, Evelyn Gray.

One lunch period, Robert observed Evelyn mocking a former friend of hers and stepped in, defending the girl and calling Evelyn a bitch in front of a large group of people. Evelyn turned her attention to Robert, seeking revenge for the slight. Robert's lack of caring about the social aspects of high school left her little recourse, so she opted to ostracize Robert's girlfriend Brook, who was on the Cheer team, and have Dustin attack him.

Robert managed fight off Dustin, ultimately tossing him into lockers and separating his shoulder. Robert was suspended for two weeks for fighting. It was during this suspension that Robert began playing Aspect Realms. Robert was also moved further down the Depth Chart for injuring Dustin.

Seeing Robert was depressed by this, Taylor suggested that he take the same training regimen his father did to increase his balance and speed: ballet. Robert was eventually coaxed into the plan. He took lessons a town over to try and avoid recognition.

Evelyn somehow found out about the lessons, and at this time began to spread the rumor that Rob was gay. Robert didn't hear the rumors until near the end of his sophomore year, when Brook brought them up. He laughed them off, but his distance and lack of comfort with physical contact left her wondering.

At the beginning of junior year, following a summer of increased pressure from Brook to be more intimate, Evelyn finally revealed Robert's ballet lessons. With football season starting up, Robert was left dealing with mockery from the other football players, leaving him unable to enjoy the sport.

A few weeks later, after the homecoming dance, Brook asked to go to a scenic location so that they could be more intimate. Robert drove there, against his better judgement, and they ultimately got into a fight which resulted in their breakup.

After graduating high school, Robert moved to Kessia City to attend the same college that his parents attended; Schuyler Adamson University. Upon his arrival he moved in with Elijah Drake and Cory Frost.

Just before classes began, Robert and Cory went to visit Eli while he was working at the Spare Change arcade. After a few minutes, the three of them realized that a group of children who were playing a game were acting strangely. Robert went to investigate, bringing Cory along.

Once inside the game, Polygal tried to drain the two boys of their investiture. She succeeded in draining Cory, but when she tried to drain Robert, he began to glow and the process was inverted and all of the investiture was returned to the drained individuals.

Once she revealed her true form, Robert stood his ground and faced the monster to allow everyone else to escape, and continued antagonizing her until the Spirit Guard arrived. They, as well as Cory and Eli, noted his glowing. Once the Spirit Guard destroyed the monster, Robert approached them to ask about it, and ultimately provided them with his phone number so that they could get back to him.

Later that night, Robert met Mallory Drake and Vivian Joyce when the pair stopped by his dorm to check on Eli and gather information on what kind of person Robert was.

On the first day of class, Robert met Angela Warrant who he shared a history class with. The two made small talk before ultimately discussing the Spirit Guard and the Standridge Stones, which Angela revealed that she believed were magical.

After classes, Robert was contacted by Ms. Kuna who informed him that she had heard about the attack and offered to listen to him if he had any concerns. After speaking to her and refusing her offer, he received a message from the Spirit Guard asking to meet him at the Standridge Stones the following night at 8 PM. Following that, Robert and his two roommates began planning a way to ensure that the Spirit Guard could not "disappear" Robert.

The following night, Eli and Cory accompanied Robert to the park with the Standridge Stones. The three of them enacted their plan, beginning with a ploy to convince the Spirit Guard that they had plotted something, but were giving it up due to nerves. On the walk to the stones, Robert received a call from his uncle who he talked to until reaching the stones and the Spirit Guard appeared. Once they did, he ended the call and switched it over to Cory an Eli so that they could listen in, with video provided by a camera that Cory had taken from his father's company years prior.

The Spirit Guard, along with Kunapipi who joined them, told Robert about the Ardent Empire and it's fall from grace, culminating in the revelation that they he was the reincarnation of the Shrine Maiden. He denied the possibility staunchly, even once he reached into the stones and retrieved his Spirit Stick. The group also explained that if he used the stick to transform, he would likely be permanently changed.

As an act of trust, the 4 girls revealed their identities to him. The conversation continued for a little longer, with frustrations growing. However, before a resolution could be found Cory and Eli were brought to the circle by Noriko.

Robert revealed his plan to the Spirit Guard and took credit for it, then that they would not reveal anything that they had heard or seen to anyone. Noriko took Cory's laptop and Robert's phone to erase evidence, with the latter being returned immediately once Robert promised to delete the data on it and the former promised to be returned early the next day. As Robert and his roommates walked away from the park, Robert was frustrated to learn that the Spirit Stick seemed to follow him.

The following morning in history class, Robert complained to Angela about the Spirit Stick and the sensation it caused him due to his newly awakened empathokinesis. She informed him that he would get used to it and invited him to lunch to further discuss the incident from the night before. He declined, informing her that neither of their minds would change.

That Saturday, Robert, Eli, and Cory went to the mall so that Robert could pick up the latest issue of Collider and Eli could buy Cory some Invokers cards as recompense for letting Kara borrow Cory's gamestation. The three of them ran into Angela and Mallory while walking around, with the two girls explaining that they were investigating a presence in the mall. Robert offered to help, but was refused by the two who asked all three of them to leave immediately.

Before they could get out of the mall, they were attacked by Day La Mode, who sensed Robert's investiture. They ran into Current Subject and managed to distract the monster until Spirit Guard Tenacity entered and began fighting her. In the face of Day La Mode and her minions, the battle began to turn against Tenacity, which ultimately led to Robert activating his Spirit Stick and transforming into Spirit Guard Serenity.

Using her newfound stealth abilities, Serenity approached the battlefield and struck Day La Mode just before she was able to finish off Tenacity. Through a combination of her empathokinetic abilities and verbal barbs, she was able to keep the monster off guard and finished it quickly. The Spirit Guard, now freed of their own battles with Day La Mode's minions, convened on the location and discussed what to do. Serenity stayed behind to hide Spirit Guard Charity and Tenacity while the former healed the latter.

Once she was healed, Serenity brought Tenacity to her apartment and went to meet Kunapipi to discuss the things that they would need to deal with. It was decided that Robert would change his name to Robynne (after her grandmother) Ellis (her father's name) Darling (Her mother's maiden name), and that she would live in the same dorm as Kara, Vivian, and Noriko. A plan was also established to invite Robynne's uncle to the homecoming game so that the situation could be explained to him while he was under the empathokinetic influence of the Standridge Stones.

Robynne returned to her new dorm room to find that her belongings had already been brought over by Cory, Eli, and Angela. After a brief conversation, she dismissed the three of them, stating that she was fine but needed to be alone to unwind. Once they all left, she retired to her new room where the events of the day and the gravity of her situation hit her, resulting in her breaking down into tears.

As she finished crying, Vivian returned to the apartment and forced Robynne to interact with her in a bout of "choco-phagial communication therapy" which allowed her to vent about her circumstances. The two chatted, sharing complaints and theories, until Noriko entered the apartment, returning to Robynne the comic book that she had purchased earlier in the day and kicking Vivian out of the room.

Kara, Vivian, and Noriko accompanied Robynne on a trip to get new clothes the day following the mall attack. The three offered advice on how Robynne could blend in with other female students at SAU without drawing attention to herself by going overboard.

Robynne skipped classes the following Monday, playing Corona Forge (Unknowingly with president of SFEERs, Fretribution). Noriko returned with her new documentation, revealing that her new name was spelled differently than she had initially thought (Robynne vs. Robin). After coming to terms with it, the two discussed online handles and what Robynne could now use as one.

When she returned to classes the next day, she met Stacy Ambrose in class and hit it off with her. She then met Nick Siekert, one of the twins who work in the Hush Corps, who shared her new Intro to Digital Media Arts class. Like Stacy, he quickly latched onto Robynne.

After class, Robynne went to find the SFEERs booth outside of the Billot building, and met GalleyGirl and Fretribution, who she notes as having a special aura which feels like crushed velvet, who were manning the booth. GalleyGirl tried to talk Robynne into cosplaying, citing a resemblance to Meokashi Sakura from the anime Dance of Blossoms. The two SFEERs members then discussed their Aspect Realms guild, and Robynne decided to join up with her new handle, Waveform. Robynne is also told about an opening social that SFEERs are hosting.

Robynne later discussed Fretribution's aura with the others, which led to her and Angela discussing their sense and the revelation that the two of them have the strongest empathokinetic sense among the group with Robynne beating Angela out.

Robynne had a vision of a meeting between the Scholar and the Shrine Maiden, detailing the latter being brought into the plan to save Earth from the Empress' grip and passing along the Spirit Sticks. A meeting of all of the Spirit Guard was called to discuss the vision. That night, Robynne and Mallory went to get a new backpack for Robynne, and Mallory swore that she would do anything she could to help Robynne and revealed that she intended to tell her parents that she was a member of the Spirit Guard.

The next day of classes, Stacy invited Robynne to lunch. The pair was quickly joined by Cammy DeCroix, who used Stacy to get close to Robynne to invite her to the cheer squad. Cammy's aura, which stuck to people like wine, soaked into everyone around her and made them more compliant, including Robynne. Focusing, she could push the influence out, and was able to catch Cammy off guard and tell her off.

After the meeting, Robynne talked to Angela who revelaed her past with Cammy. After Angela spoke to the other girls, Robynne eventually decided to infiltrate the cheerleaders to learn more about Cammy's overall plan for the school. As the group discussed the plan, a package was brought to the dorm for Robynne, which contained a very expensive Edō & Grevina dress which was tailored to her measurements. The group discussed whether Cammy may be the reincarnation of the Empress from the Ardent Empire, and was drawing on her memories to tailor the dress. In light of that, and with Cammy reminding Robynne of Evelyn, they formed a plan.

Robynne went to Cory and Eli's dorm to discuss the recent events with them, and while there met Dale Bridges, her other would be roommate. She noted that he also had a unique aura, like an old mahogany table. She quickly excused herself, not feeling comfortable around Dale.

Robynne located Cammy and informed her that she would accept her offer of being on the cheer squad if she also allowed Vivian on, and if she returned the dress to buy components for a new computer and mail them to Cory and Eli's dorm under the name Bluster. She also leveraged the situation so that Stacy wouldn't be used as a pawn going forward and Robynne wouldn't have to do promotion work. Cammy begrudgingly accepted.

The next day, Robynne and Vivian reported to have their bios made and pictures taken for the Cheer Team website. The process took the entire hour leading up to the SFEERs opening social, which left the pair no time to change out of their cheer uniforms beforehand. After the photoshoot, they were joined by Stacy who decided to tag along.

They met up with Kara, Eli, and Cory who brought changes of clothes for them and went into the social. Robynne met the other members of the Aspect Realms guild in person, and talked with Fretribution to get a feel for his aura. While talking to him, Stacy caught up and offered her, Robynne, and Vivian's help with promoting future SFEERs events, beginning with a Corona Forge tournament a month out.

After the social, Robynne visited Angela to share details on the cheerleaders. The conversation quickly turned to the social repercussions that Angela faced after standing up to Cammy, and Robynne came up with the idea to loan Angela her old computer once she received the parts Cammy ordered so that Angela could play Aspect Realms with the SFEERs guild, allowing a connection to be made. THis would allow Angela to go to the future socials, and potentially meet and befriend Stacy.

The next day, RObynne received her computer components to find that Cammy switched a number of the items colors, making the overall computer white and pink. Robynne begrudgingly accepted the parts, not wanting to give Cammy the victory of her asking her to switch them, and named the computer CandyStrike. Nick and Will Seikert came over so that the latter could investigate the parts for surveillance devices. None were found, and the Robynne assembled it.

Robynne was paired with Lily for promotion duty on the outskirts of the campus, and explained to the girl that neither would have to report for duty because no one would pass by to see them one way or another. As they talked, Lily revealed that rumors had begun to fly about Robynne due to her lack of socializing with other cheerleaders, prompting her to rethink her interactions with them.

Friends Edit

Cory Frost

Eli Drake

Vivian Joyce

Stacy Ambrose


Spirit guard

Hush corps

Enemies/Rivals Edit



NightKnight (John Harvey) (accord pvper who hates stealth class pvpers also in SFEERS)

Personality Edit

Calm during a crisis

Logical thinker



Notable Quotes Edit

Not gonna lie, I felt pretty bad angelcake after that…” Robynne sighed. “And there is nothing less bad angelcake than the phrase ‘bad angelcake.’” - Chapter 30

“Because she lives in an alternate state of perception where reality flows, not in the direction of increased entropy, but in whatever direction she feels would be more narratively amusing.” - Chapter 34