The Standridge Hill Stone Circle is a famous landmark that was on the outskirts of Kessia City. it is not Common knowledge how the circle was made, this especially baffles the scientific communities involved as at the time of its construction would have been somewhere around when humans were just starting to use tools. Though most of the outer stones had fallen over, a giant, nearly spherical boulder stands at the center, supported by three other, smaller stones and have somehow lasted the test of time.

the full truth of the Standridge Stones is that they are an inspired work. in the late years of the ardent empire the empire used its skill in empathkineses to inspire inhabitants other parallel realities to construct a large empathokinetik focus that would both lore in natives with high innate potential in welding empathokinetik abilities and create a bridge to a similar device on the empire's homeworld alowing peaple to travel between the two.