Censorship Edit

When a member of the Spirit Guard first transforms and sync with their empathopathic foci (Spirit Stick) there is a two-way connection with it. Along with creating a perfect copy that is saved in the empathic force that is used as a default form for all future transformations of the Spirit Guard.

The Second part of the connection come in the way of a language censor ship. As of this time, there is not set reason for the censorship but a few ideas have been put forth.

1.       A cross-up with the brain scan that happened when Angela’s brain was scanned the first time she held her Spirit Stick.

2.       Something that was instituted by the Scholar when the devices were created during the Ardent Empire

The main censorship that the foci has an effect on is the use of swear or curse words. These words must be used in context of being an actual swear. An example of this is Gummi Donut instead of God Dammit. When the commentary that was available from the author on Chapter Four. When a member of the Spirit Guard tries to curse the normal swear is replaced by some type of sweet confectionary.

Over since it has been made aware to the reader that this has happened, quite a few swear words have been made into tasty treats.

As of now these are the replacements for swears that have been used.

A$$hole Anglecakehole
God Dammit Gummi Donut
F@ck Fudge
Dammit Donut
B1tch Biscuit
A$$ Anglecake
bad A$$ bad angelcake there is nothing less bad angelcake than the phrase ‘bad angelcake. - Robynne