• Hello people!  It's My Kami. It's been a while. how are you? Good good.

    So I thought i would share a little concept with everyone here maybe not a fan theory so much as a nice little Alternate world.

    You see I run Taralynn on various games in down time, and this has been the concept I've been running.

    The concept was simple.  If i took over writing MGP how would I explain everything and move forward. Sidebar... I am a huge Mythlogy Nut espcially Norse Mythology. Also one of my favorite Table top games is Scion from white wolf.

    So Robynne's story with the two dead parents and uncle reeks of a God or Goddess leaving their kid to have a normal life for a bit (it happens a bit in myths)  so then the question becomes who are the likely Candidate(+s)? Well with her red hair and her athletics i makes sense that she would be a child of Thor and Sif LEaving her in the care of her "Uncle" Taylor who is in actuality her Older Brother Bjorn.

    So enter the scene where Roybenne returns home from cheer practice to find the girls outside with a story how Thor and Sif with a entourage of Sheild madiens and Thor's Goats waiting inside.  Noriko obviously spring into action to protect the girls and got cursed for her troubles. Sif doesn't take kindly to attacks. So there is some back and forth arguing before Thor and Sif prove they are infact Robynne's parent and robynne is a Goddess.

    So then you may ask what's up with this magical girl deal?  Well that's the purpose of the visit.  It seems the "fate" as we have been presented is actually a rival Goddess from the Japanese Panthoen Amaterasu, who is noted to be a little petty, who created the "Game" and her facination for Magical Girl Culture to see who might be worthy to acened to godhood and to give her Children a setting to hone their Skills (i this case a certain Tremelo bass being her son) What she didn't realize when selecting the players is that Robynne already was divine and thus her magic as "Fate" messing with another gods kid and transforming her permenently into girl starts a Celestal incedent between the Pantheons.

    Now Robynne has to explain the new situation to everyone, deal with being a goddess (to someone who is effectily the norse Equivlant of a Cheerleader with a Spear and sheild) and now has divine purviews influencing her actions.

    Along the way she meets more of the Divine around her, like Connor the former soilder son of Heimedal, he new very large family inclusing her older brothers Eric and Skale and older Sisters Thordis and Saphron, and Freyja's Daughter Avery.

    there is of course much more but i wanted to know what you guys think? 

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    • Very interesting. I'm a sucker for alternate worlds, so this hits a chord with me.

      It's also not unthinkable that there would be Gods/Goddesses out there. And, of course screwing with the fate of one divine entity would cause problems.

      Though, Noriko being exactly was that? Gods and Goddesses aren't known for their kind punishments. Poor little ninja.

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    • Sif just gave her a speech impediment so she spoke in a So Cal valley accent and over exuberant.

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    • Ezp002

      Raelynn Thordottir

      Also here is "Goddess" Robynne aka Raelynn Thorsdottir Hero of Cheer. She inhertied quite a bit from Mom.
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    • Submitted for the Approval of the Midnight Soceity i gave you: Raelynn and Connor out on a date.
      Raelynn and Connor
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    • there is a multiverse in this world already, sounds like fun

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    • Tehre is a lot in this world it draws heavily from my already set up Scion setting so many of these characters and relationships are good to go out of the box.

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    • A FANDOM user
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