Name: Noriko Yukimura
Alias: Unknown
Aura Description: Unknown
Skills: martial arts- versus stiles




Likes: showing off her abilities


Dislikes: Vivian constantly messing up Noriko's bed
Job/Studying: Leader of the hush corps


Team: hush corps

Physical appearance Edit

Hair: tied up in a bun
Hight: short
Race: Asian
Build: athletic

Bio Edit

Little is known about Noriko. She seems to have been trained as a ninja from a young age. As such, secrets are second nature to her. When Angela became a sprint guard Kunapipi hired Noriko to head up the hush corps to protect the identity of the sprint guard.

Friends Edit

Noriko seems to avoid making friends. She does however have a deep respect for Robert Dreese/Robynne Darling after seeing him sacrifice his way of life to save another.

Enemies/Rivals Edit

Noriko take's her job seriously, and as such she sees any potential security threat or privacy breach as a threat.


Personality Edit

Noriko tries not to reveal much about herself. Although she is very good at it over time she has let the facade slip a few times. this has revealed a slight showmanship at her core where she likes to demonstrate the abilities she spent years perfecting.

Quotes Edit

[“I disagree with that statement; however, it seems outright assassination is currently not an option.”] -Chapter 30